Whatever the goal of our customers, we put their savings to work in the world’s economy, taking a long-term approach and spreading it across a broad range of investments. 

Our teams of expert fund managers look for opportunities around the globe. We invest our customers’ savings in both public markets, such as company shares and government and corporate bonds, and in private assets, such as commercial and residential property and infrastructure.

Around 60% of our customers’ investments are managed within solutions and strategies which have the freedom to invest across different kinds of assets. These solutions include our market leading PruFund with-profits range and our Episode Allocation range of mutual funds.   Expertise in allocating money across different types of assets is a core part of our investment capability.

As you might expect from a business which has been helping its customers for nearly 170 years, we take a long-term approach to the investments we make on their behalf. When we buy shares in companies, we typically hold them for three to six years. Or even longer for property or infrastructure investments.

We take great care with our customers’ savings.  We work closely with the managers of the companies in which we own shares to make sure they are delivering the best possible returns. This includes challenging the environmental, social and corporate governance practices of these companies when we think these pose a risk to long-term performance.

Please remember that the value of investments will fluctuate, which will cause fund prices to fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount you invested.